HM-multimedia//audio-visual artist——

Born in 1992, in Sepsiszentgyörgy, Transylvania, her biggest fascination was to wonder in nature and cruise with her horses. As a teenager for five years played in a theatre group ‘Osonó’, participated in several international theatre festivals: in Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest, Thailand. She actively took part in SlamPoetry championships in Hungary and Romania, finished her BA in pedagogy in 2014, and organised contemporary art camps ‘KreaTúra’ for six editions.

Moved to NL in 2015, where started to explore audio-visual art forms, organised, participated and curated several expos/events and festivals. Finished her MA in 2019 in Lens Based Media Arts at ‘‘Piet Zwart Institute’ in Rotterdam. Her graduation multimedia installation “Dignity On Fire” was translating a slice of her memory about a personal experience, when her house burnt down in 2017. Her fascination shifted into the direction of unconventional systematic understanding and usage of several softwares/hardwares to experience and produce audio-visual / multimedia works. In 2020 she started to work as art producer/curator and takes part in collaborations mainly dedicated to sustainability and autonomous intentions. She is part of a studio collective located in Rotterdam. Her favorite number is 4.