“My more conscious sonic journey started in my late 20’s when I constantly hung out with musicians/producers/makers and figured that in my visual works I am reflecting a lot on the music and the ambience I am involved with. The making and producing electronic music was a big step for me towards building audio-visual installations, performing live music and releasing my own tracks.

“BenKult” is my sonic alter-ego and in 2021 during my Artist in Residency in WORM Sound Studio I recorded music with 8 different artists/creators from all over the world. Currently working on producing my de ”

Sound Studio Residency @WORM Rotterdam dec. 2020-jan 2021.

This is a sample gallery to go along with this case study.

“PERIOD”- Sustainable sound journey

The form of collaboration, the engagement with other like minded humans, the complex feedback system during working together are part of the research towards a stronger artist community right here and right now. As in this case, I am going to invite mainly Rotterdam based artists with different cultural and musical backgrounds from the electronic and jazz scene. To play improvised music with little structural build up and record their divers inputs, to become part of “PERIOD”. The only samples we’ll use during the project are bird sounds and Transylvanian folk music. The creators are coming from such countries as: The Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania, Korea, Romania and Serbia.


weekly radio show///for the uncanny scene//radio experiment (Rotterdam) find it: or:

Improv session