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BABEurs/044 AV installation



  • 13.09.2019 ‘After Hiroshima’ cultural week about artists responds on nuclear questions, Groningen, NL
  • 07.12.2019 ‘23th Birthday’ Festival of WORM’ @WORM Rotterdam, NL
  • 22.01.2020 ‘Wednesday Play’ @Mono Rotterdam, NL
  • 04.-09.02.2020 The New Current, Art Week Rotterdam, NL
  • 12.03.2020 ‘Sonaural’ 2nd edition Audio-Visual Festival @WORM Rotterdam, NL
  • 22.08.2020 “cuddling beasty matter” with Jasna Velickovic @OT301 Amsterdam, NL
  • 11.09.2020 GOGBOT Festival, @Sickhouse, Enschede, NL

Older works


Burning point//photography//installation

Abstract Old pics of old works